Please review my technique

Hey guys,

We made some slowmo video’s of my pitching mechanics today.
Could you guys maybe have a look at it and comment.

Here’s the slowmo video, it’s in 240 fps. we only made em from this angle, but i could make some more from a different angle if that helps.

This is the vid in normal speed (or close to it at least, because i just speeded up the slowmo one)

I noticed that my head turns away as i throw (tried to fix that a while ago but it’s still not gone) but I’m sure you guys can find some more.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Three things I see are
1.You don’t use your pelvis to create velocity. Look up the Horschisier(sp) drill on this website for some ideas on how to do pelvic loading.

2.You have a long arm action. You would probably benefit form a shorter arm action with more scapular load.

3.It doesn’t appear that you don’t pronate will after release and this is thought to put your elbow at increased risk for injury.

Well heres the video that slewbacca was talking about. I see a nice padded wall in your video. Dont use a fence because it hurts.


Hey man it looks pretty good. However just a few things to consider. First as LTadrian and Slewbacca already said, your hips really don’t get behind the pitch which will force you to throw all arm. This could lead to some arm injuries further down the road and will rob you of some velocity. You would definitely benefit from the Hershiser drill. Second, although you have a good stride length, you should try to land more sturdy on your plant leg so that you aren’t falling foward off the mound towards the catcher.

But all-round it looks solid. I’m sure with some hard work and determination you’ll end up a great pitcher.

Best of luck,

Hi Peter, a fellow Dutchee I see. Which club do you play for?

I play for All in (veldhoven, just next to eindhoven). how about you?

And thanks for the quick replies guys, I’ll definitely be doing this herchiser drill, and see if i can work on those other things. hope it helps!

would like to see you throw the ball farther in front of your body. i think you could release the ball 2 ft closer to the plate or more. you will have better command and better movement if you do. let your body work before you throw the ball

so i did the herchiser drill today, and focussed using the pelvis in my delivery, also paid a bit of attention on going forward with my chest more to throw in front of me, not sure if there’s a difference.
And, this time we made the vids from the other 3 angles. I noticed that my throwing arm turns away towards 1st base really far, i kind of got that out of my technique a while ago but i guess it comes back when i focus on other things.

Here’s the video’s: in slowmo:

and in normal speed:

anything different you can see from these angles?

first thing I see is that you totally take your eyes and head off the target, in “slow mo 1 13 2011” video this happens about 21 seconds and doesn’t come back till about 25 seconds in. Just as you take your head off the target there seems to be a bit of odd rotation to how you move your arm and the ball also, your arm seems to recover a natural look about 24 seconds but I don’t think you are hooking everything up properly.

yeh i know that, it’s all one problem really. if i get my arm to not go back that far, i’ll be keeping my eyes on the target, or the other way around. i’ve been working on this by just putting some kind off pole behind me that i would hit with my arm if i did it wrong. like i said, I’ve fixed this but I’ll still have to keep payin attention to it.
thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Maybe you could work just on your drop, stand with your back facing a wall or mesh fence, from your post fall to your foot strike and work on the circular action of getting the ball into the proper throwing position, either touching the wall or scree or it should be very close, ball should be faced at 2nd base for a fastball. Make sure to keep your eyes on the target and chin over left shoulder.

I really do like your glove side mechanics you are really using your entire body, both sides.

How do you feel your finish is, looks a bi out of control, I wouldn’t think you are in a great position to field your position?

thanks for the idea, ill see if i can do that next practice. and for the glove side mechanics, thanks! i think i could pull my glove in a little bit more though, but i’ll have more important things to worry about first.
and my finish is getting out of control yes. Don’t think it’s always been like that, ill look up some older video’s tomorrow, because i think it’s something i started doing recently to try and gain speed. but it really doesn’t gain me any speed does it? shouldn’t be hard to work on that though.

this is a video from half a year ago, as u can see i didn’t have the out of control finish… but think i didnt push of the mound as hard.

I do notice in this video a much more controled landing, the thing I see from this video is that you could work on that Hershiser drill, this might help you with working on pushing off the rubber like you are trying to do. On the glove side instead of trying to pull the glove back more, from the point you are pulling now, pull your left elbow back farther, this will get your right shoulder on target better and get your right hand down and across your left knee.