Please review my mechanics.SlowMo. 18 year old 6'2 172lbs

Breaking balls

Feedback would be greatly appreciated

Everything looks pretty good. I noticed a couple things you may want to improve on though. When you bring your front foot up, make sure that you do not lean back. All movement from that point should be forward. Make sure you get a good leg drive off your back foot. Another thing I noticed is that your front foot needs to be braced at ball release with your chest over your knee.

I watched the video a few more times and I see why your not braced over front foot at release. Try breaking with ball below your waist. This will allow timing for your body to be in proper position.


I think I’d like to see you delay shoulder rotation a bit and get better hip and shoulder separation. And I think this starts with your glove side. If you can keep the glove arm in an “equal and opposite” position with your throwing arm as close to foot plant as possible, you’ll buy yourself the timing to delay shoulder rotation. If that feels like you’re having to hold the glove out front too long, get yourself moving faster into foot plant. This will take some getting comfortable with to get good at it but I think the long-term benefits are worth it.

This should create better use of the body to maximize velocity without throwing the arm out of the socket. It should also get your release point a little closer to home plate.

roger, do you think I should break the hands earlier? what should i try to adjust to be oppositeand equal?