Please provide feedback

He pitches well, but would like to increase speed, Any input would be appreciated.


Key areas to look at from start to finish:

At set, he’s in decent shape and he’s focused on the target. He maintains good focus on the target through delivery, which is very good.

Energy bleed-offs:

  1. He’s nearly vertical at the top of his lift. This is old school balance point teaching and is not what we are teaching today. Hershiser Drill is the way to go.
    2)His front knee is behind is anchor leg at the top of the lift.

To increase velocity, he should try to get is front hip out in front of his body. If he does that, his weight will already be moving forward and he won’t have to stop and redirect himself toward home. This will save some of the kinetic energy he is giving up with his current lift and will correct issues 1 and 2.

  1. Front foot is open as he starts to come forward after foot strike.
    He lands heel first, which isn’t bad on its own, as long as he gets up on the ball of his plant foot for release.
    4)Front hip bailing out–probably due to the foot opening up.
    5)As the ball is rolling off his fingertips, his hand is vertically in line with his torso.

His weight needs to get forward, and the Hershiser work should get him well along that path. His open front foot is not helping him shift his weight down the target line. He’s bleeding off more energy here to the left of the target line. He’s not getting any help from his lower half to generate hip / shoulder separation. Hershisher will help that as well as the next drill I recommend, Tom House’s towel drill.

With the foot pulling the hips opening like that, his shoulders are forced to follow early. It almost seems his weight is over the arch of his foot and moving off to the first base dugout direction and never really gets out in front. This is all supported by his release point which is not forward of his body. So he’s releasing the ball with some energy left in the tank.

In combination with the Hershiser drill, the towel drill should eradicate 3,4,5.

Repetition of those two drills done properly will straighten him out and allow him to make better use of his lower half to both create and properly release his kinetic energy.

Thank You. He’s doing 50 of these drills after school every day for a while.