Please help with my mechanics

I’m 16 and i only throw about 75, i’m looking to get tuffcuff to increase my velo this off season, but i would like some help with my mechanics, thanks for your help in advance

I don’t know what you’ve been taught or if you are just a self-taught pitcher, but i was always told to bring the ball straight back to 2nd base, your arm swings way behind you towards the 2nd baseman. Also you appear to be falling off away from the mound after you throw. Every pitcher is different though. I always tried to focus on having my weight come balanced on my front foot to have a more “traditional” finish where bringing my toe down(on my right foot) was parallel with my left leg and i was essentially ready to field the ball. My logic behind addressing the falling off to the side is that your momentum is going out to the side and not straight at home plate, you might be losing some velocity when you go off to the left.


You need to learn to use your lower half better. Watch yourself in the video and pay attention to your center of gravity (i.e. watch your hips or belly button) and you’ll see that it doesn’t start moving forward until after peak of knee lift. That’s too late. Focus on getting your hips moving forward sooner and faster. This will create more energy to put into the ball (assuming you sequence and time things right).

Do this first before making other tweaks as this will tend to improve your timing and other things will adjust accordingly and, probably, for the better.


  1. Your step backwards in the windup can be throwing you off. Your head isn’t still. With any kind of step you dont want to really move your weight around all that much, its more of a repositioning step.

  2. You lock your knees when you step backwards during your windup. Try and stay in a more athletic position. It will help with balance and extension.

  3. Your glove hand needs to point right at the catcher. It will help with your rotational power

  4. Your motion is rushed because you aren’t getting any extension off the mound that you should be. Check your toe drag line. It should be about a foot long. I’m guessing yours is 3 inches. Get your body moving down that mound and throw the ball THROUGH the catcher.

  5. You fall to the left side. Or rather your head falls to the left side. Actively move your head towards the batter in your motion. I’ve found that I had a great difference in power when i fixed that.

The easiest way to throw hard is to not throw hard. Good mechanics causes speed and accuracy increases.