Please help my pitching mechanics please!


im 167cm,

this my pitching video, i hope you guys can help me with my pitching mechanics please

thank you very much ^^~~

They’re fundmentally sound mechanics but it doesn’t look like you could throw hard with them.

what does sound mechanics mean??

Like no inverted v or inverted w and it doesn’t look like a high effort delivery. I don’t think you’ll get injured just because of your mechanics.

may i know what else can i improve???

is it better if i can stride longer??

or improve the North and South of upper body ???

You could bring your arm back farther behind your back or stay closed longer to gain velocity but it won’t help you with accuracy.

my right arm is already fully extended !!

can not extend how to stay behind longer?

Not behind your body more behind your back like Aroldis Chapman.

i see, like Scapular Loading???

I´m not an expert so do whatever you want with my advice.

You´re leaning with your back when you lift your knee. Try to keep your body as straight as possible. This will help you when you are throwing harder to keep the ball down. Also you are not using your hips caused by leaning. From what I´ve seen in your stride, your stride isn´t in a straight line or slighty off towards 3rd base, your stride goes towards first base this is because your toes are pointing towards the sky - and because you lean back.

Try to get OVER your front knee when you throw, helps to keep the ball down and gives you some extra speed behind it.
What I also noticed is you’re not pitching with full effort, it looks like you’re aiming the ball. If you want to throw harder, keep your weight as long as possible on your back leg untill you plant your front foot, therefrom transfer all weight from back to the front. Don’t try to throw hard when you lift your knee as this causes leaning again.



this is already my full effort

i have no idea in the video it looks very relax…

maybe that is why i can throw a lot of balls without getting tired

throw harder! lol. i like your mechanics, it looks like you are only trying about 70% though… looks like you are throwing batting practice. Reach back and throw man

Work on the follow through, and bend over. Your back leg should pop up pretty high when pitching and it just gets a few inches above the ground. There are three motions in pitching, ferris wheel, roller coaster, and merry go round. The Roller Coaster is the forward movement, the ferris wheel is the arm action as well as bending over in the follow through, the merry go round (these are american terms you might not be familiar with, it appears you live in asia so sorry if you do live in america) is your hips. It appears you are 70 percent forward motion, 20 percent hips, and 10 percent “ferris wheel”. Bending over and getting good leg action at the end of your motion will help balance this out. Keeps your hips closed a little bit longer too, you seem like you might be opening up too early, but don’t leave them closed the whole time

(Timras)…I’m with you use general mechanics and let it fly first and then do some adjusting! Pitching and hitting both can be easily over analyzed and a lot of kinks come out by “letting it fly” or “hitting the ball hard”! I see this with guys who have too much time with a pitching coach, you can see them going through a checklist in their head every pitch (or at bat) go hard and tweak from there

The worst thing i see that is killing forward momentum in your mechanics is your kick. You are bringing your lower leg backward at the high point in your kick. This is slowing your stide and your loosing tuns of energy doing that. Loose a little off your kick or bring is straight up. then use your hips to start your windup.

i saw a lot of major league pitchers
their back is flat, so do i,

but it just that my back leg does not lift so high,

is the height of back leg after followthrough phase so important??

To McDarn

but that is what Maddux, Clemens, Rivera did , isn’t ??

their balance does not move forward when they lift thir leg

like maddux, rivera, andy pettite also do not left the back leg so high @@