Please Help ME!

I need all the advice I can get to throw harder, please help me out.

looks good to me from that view. Any arm problems? Side view? Mid 80s?

I don’t have a side view yet, I wish I knew the speed. I was throwing mid 80s 2 years ago before I had Tommy John Surgery. Right now my arm feels great. I’ll see what I can do on getting another view. Thanks

Give us some more information. Your age, height, weight etc. What are your current goals with baseball? Thinking of going to a pro tryout? If you elaborate there are some people here who could help you out for sure. You look like your throwing some heat though.

H- 6’1
W- 250

Just got off Tommy John Surgery, would love to tryout for some kind of independent league. I need all the help I can get, I will try and post some more videos as soon as possible. After watching a lot of the videos on the sight I feel as if I’m not as explosive in the core region. Any exercises or other advice that can help with that? Thanks for the replies.

12-6 Curve

Make sure we can see your lower half in your videos. From the video you already posted, it looks like you might not use your lower half that well. But, it’s kinda’ tough to tell for sure.

Your mechanics look good from the clip you posted. Here are some areas to work on to increase throwing velocity based on results of studies appearing in scientific journals.

  1. Use your abdominal muscles to flex the trunk especially late in the propulsaion phase near ball release.
  2. Increase range of external rotation of the throwing arm.
  3. On pushing against the rubber, one study found “ground reaction force directed toward the plate was highly cottelated with throwing speed indicating that those who pushed hardest toward the plate and therefore were also able to decelerate most strongly with their landing leg also displayed highest linear wrist velocities.”
  4. on trunk rotation. “These finding concur with … who suggested that the rotation around a relatively stationary nonthrowing shoulder would give rise to higher trunk rotation torques and therefore higher throwing velocity.”

your dipping your upper body backwards alot
take your body away from the ball not the ball from your body