Please Help, Having Soreness/Pain Every Where in my arm

After my labrum surgery, I never had pain in my elbow when working with Phil Donley(helped write the combat pitcher), until last year in my first year of college. Our pitching coach would make us do the perfect 10 but would always tell us to lead with our elbow so I listened and my elbow became sore…through out the year my elbow pain has moved to my tricep, bicep, and upper forearm, and back to my elbow. At times when I would throw it would hurt my elbow then travel to my bicep, tricep, or forearm…I don’t know what to do to stop it. Its frustrating because I lost 5-7 mph due to this and can’t long toss because of the pain.

What I do honestly is lift alot, I use to lift heavy and maybe a week ago I stopped lifting heavy and started band, ya I know I should of stopped earlier with the heavy lifting, also I never really run.

Please help!!!

Oh btw idk if this contributes to my arm pains, i dont think i use my legs that much

I would get it looked at. This sounds awfully familiar to what I had going on before I found out a had torn my UCL. Only thing is my velo dropped about 15-18 mph. Don’t mean this to scare you, but I would definitely have it looked at.

I’ve been checked out by a doctor and a physical therapist for my UCL…I was told the the ligament slightly moves but i think he said it was nothing to worry about. Also the the doctor and the physical therapist diagnosed me with G.I.R.D. meaning my internal rotation is not good. Could the G.I.R.D be affecting all this soreness in random places of my arm

btw: refuse to see my college trainer because she really doesnt like doing her job, acts like its your fault for her having to treat you, and will only treat one thing a visit

Yes, it is very possible. Along with tearing my UCL, my UCL was almost torn off the bone due to my severe lack of internal rotation. The sleeper stretch and PIR breathing technique are both very good options that have helped me increase my internal rotation.

DON’T WAIT! Make an appointment with either a sports-medicine physician or an orthopedic surgeon who knows about such injuries—maybe even both—and get it checked out. Get an MRI if need be, but find out what’s going on and take care of it. 8)

chin- what are PIR breathing tech.

zito-you are defiantly right, I did make a call to Donley today but he was busy with a patient so I’ll wait for his call or call him tomorrow.

I’ve been doing my rehab stuff that I had in the past but it only getting so far since i dont know the true problem. Also I did throw a bit today real light and focused on using my legs and getting my elbow up and it wasnt as painful as usual

The breathing technique is kind of hard for me to explain, I need to call my Physical Therapist tomorrow, so I will have him send me a link as I cannot find a website with the information on it. I can tell you this, it involves a balloon, a wall, and a ball placed between the knees