Please help decide!

I have a fastball, changeup and a curveball. I might want to get another pitch. Which one should I get?

How old are you. Some pitchers have trouble throwing a curve and a slider. They tend to form into a slurve which isn’t always good.

I had a pretty good curve then I started throwing a cutter and it was a natural pitch that I liked and now I have a lot of trouble throwing a curve again. I think that if I try to learn it again I’ll be able to throw it now that my cutter is instinctive. It might take some time to get a slider and curve down.

First of all, whether you are successfull in differentiating your slider and curve or not, if you advance to the next level (college or pro) the coaches will almost certainly tell you to pick your best and perfect it. As for the splitter, it is similar to the change in that it is offspeed, so I would rather see you develop a sinker, especially since, with the curve and change, you already have you slow offspeed pitches. Just my opinion of course.

I agree with the post above.

I’m 13

You are only 13…you don’t need a ton of pitches. Just hone in on the ones you have, but if you do decide to add one, go with the splitter. 13 is way to young for a slider, you will have a lot of wear and tear on your arm before your in high school if u throw slider so young.

Slider doesn’t do a lot of wear and tear on your arm if you throw it right though.

Baloney …

“Slider doesn’t do a lot of wear and tear on your arm if you throw it right though.”

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Annarbordude…at 13 you should keep what you have, work on mechanics and locating, specifically your fastball, work in a two seam, pronate it a little and get you a little sinker action. You need to be able to hit your spots if you are going to play hs ball, every pitch is based off of the fastball so get it as good as possible, work on hitting your target low and outside if you want to impress a HS coach. It may seem that it is wonderful and devestating to throw junk, but being a Little League hero and a High School Spectator is frustrating. I think everyone talking about how young kids shouldn’t throw sliders is right, but I think it isn’t just an arm health issue, I’ve never seen a LL hero throw a slider properly, and the things they do to get the movement (What I call spinning the ball to the plate) almost always messes up their fastball mechs which loses velocity…and then we see them posting about A) How can I increase my velocity…and B) My arm hurts and I don’t know why…do yourself a favor…take an afternoon and go through our site and see what I’m saying… And look down the road, ask yourself “Does it really matter if I can strike out 100 kids in LL, if that means I won’t be playing as a senior?”

For sure.

Im 14 and I used to throw a slider. But I drop it for a curve ball. After I dropped it my fastball increased in speed by 3 mph because my arm wasn’t stressed out. My slider I mean I threw the way your supposed to