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Hi, no one ever seems to comment back on my posts, so I’m going to continue to try to get through.

If someone could tell me what my brother is doing right and wrong in this video it would be extremely helpful. I’m 99% sure I’ve worked out all the kinks in his delivery, but to be sure, I’d like to see what you guys think. He’s 12 by the way, and throws a little over 60mph.

You’re asking an unanswerable question.

Is there anything wrong in the way he throws is all I want to know. Can he do anything better than he is doing now?

Couple of things I see. He starts with an aggressive leg lift but just brings it down wasting moment. If he could use that leg lift and lead with his hip/pelvis I think he would increase his velocity. (Look at the Horsheiser drill). The other thing that jumps out at me is how he stop rotating around the hip and has his arm recoil at the end. Wolforth feels this leads to labrum and UCL injuries.

Here is what I was talking about on finishing/decelerating after the pitch.

Hey guy, the first vids were nearly unwatchable…first trick to learn is for you to get a tri-pod and position the camera, you did that on this one.
As a learning pitching coach, you want to break things down to basics before you try to get to the finer points. We love to assist but you have got to T it up for us a bit better.
I’m going to throw in some drills that my son was doing with an ex major leaguer. He was working foot work and form that day, but you may be able to get some ideas.
Throwing is broken down into components by most in order to understand a particular delivery.
Your little brother starts well, finishes imo poorly. As Slew pointed out, many drills are available make the delivery more fluid.
The weak finish may be an attempt to “aim” (Slowing down unconciously in order to be more accurate), it should be more like gather momentum and explode through to the target.
i’m glad you hung in…best way to communicate is to keep on trying… 8)

Here is a Rick Peterson vid and a Fred Corral vid that may help you begin to understand what your doing also

I was only to view the video twice and something went wrong with the plugin. I would have like to have seen something in normal speed and not slo-mo. I agree with the lower body assessment and I think that tempo is the missing component along with the hips being more involved in creating momentum. Tempo helps convert energy into rotational power and I think that’s one reason why you see the poor finish.

The other point is that the gloveside and arm side have a synergistic relationship and I love how they start out of the glove and the arm works well. However, I don’t see that relationship present at the end of the delivery.

I will attempt this without the technical jargon and hope it’s not lost in translation. The arm action movement originates behind the scap on the throwing side of the spine and at the sternum in the front. The glove side action originates on the other side of the “equator”. As we load the scaps, the glove side helps unload the scaps by involving the chest and helping pull the shoulder through while not blocking the rotational path set in motion. I personally am not a fan of the cue “closing the distance of the elbows”. Just my opinion, doesn’t mean it doesn’t help others, just not me. I see it being more of “closing the distance b/w the shoulders”. I am a believer that the arm loads by retracting the shoulders and unloads by protracting the shoulders. The glove side and chest are primary factors in the unloading of the shoulders, considering the arm and glove side are in a position to throw. You will see many guys that can effectively unload the arm action but do not decelerate properly, Verlander is an example. I see the glove blocking off the path of the arm just after release. I see the same thing here, but again I just glanced at the video a couple of times.

The second area was the lack of momentum created by the lower body as Slew suggested. Because of that I just don’t see much energy being converted or transferred up the chain. Many studies suggest that a primary issue of concern for labrum injuries are the hips and I feel this one of the obstacles in convincing myself of the pronating to decelerate, if the hips are not effectively decelerating or in a position to throw, doesn’t really matter because the cause/effect relationship will trickle up the chain, Bob Gibson is an example.

Trying this from my cellphone and it keeps me from being able to glance back over, excuse the rambling and mistakes, hope it makes sense.

I will try and post some videos to use A’s examples tonight. Impossible to describe without video.

Here is what I see, some of which have been mentioned before but maybe just reinforced here.

He has good balance in his post but then as he moves toward home he doesn’t really drive his body with momentum. You might want to work on this with the hersheiser drill. Once he gets to his foot strike he starts to tuck the glove under but I feel he should pull the glove more to clear the left side to bring the ball through more. Next would be getting his torso flatter to the ground as he goes through his release this should also bring his right foot over more to help decelerate the entire motion.