Please help a long time LTP member

hi, i finally got someone to tape me pitching, of course not everything is perfect and we couldnt get a mound because of games going on but i still managed to get this

now i know there might be a lot of problems revolving around this, i’m 22 yo 6’1" 200lbs and my friend’s pocket radar thing said i throw mid 60s. that throw in the outfield at the end was clocked at 63 mph i mean that was a fairly straight pitch no hops to home plate from roughly half way left field…

please check it out

i wouldt trust that pocket radar at all, 300 ft toss is equivalent to 85 mph or somethion like that

seriously, PLEASE! :frowning:

Your stride leg takes a very long path during knee lift as it swings around you and back towards 2B. While that is happening, your forward movement stalls and you lose momentum. Keep the center of gravity (hips) moving forward abbreviating the knee lift if necessary.

basically what i really wonder is why cant i get to generate velocity with these mechanics.

i mean when vincente padilla throws his eephus pitch it’s almost as fast as my fastball thats just ridiculous.

by the way roger, i just made the adjustement you were talking about, i feel like i have less to think about.

okay so i noticed you saying why you cant generate velocity with the mechanics your using and what i noticed about your mechanics is several moving parts. just because you rotate and show your back doesnt neccessarily mean you will be able to generate more velocity. i would focus on finding a simple motion where your balanced and just see how it goes.

yeah i get you, i made some changes since then, i feel like i simplified the whole thing but i dont think i really throw harder which is kind of my goal right there, not having mechanics that hold me back, i know theres a lot of training coming into it too, and im taking care of this part. i just need something efficient that i can reproduce and get some juice out of it.

i figured if the number of replies i had were the hits and the number of views were the at bats, i would be .018 and more than likely retired haha

OK! thanksssssssssssssssss!

OK! thanksssssssssssssssss!

OK! thanksssssssssssssssss!

4pie, what’s the deal, Roger and Zack have both made some excellent comments on your mechanics, work on them, make some improvements and put a new video up. This is a process not a quick fix.

So you’ve changed after this vid and adjusted as Roger suggested, part of the process is refinement, see my suggestion at the end of the post.
I usually never comment on mechs when the guy is on flat ground in tenny’s…btw
On loose clay, no purchase? It is amazing you got all the way into the 60’s without falling on your butt. That is the reason, you are (unconciously) fighting like heck to just stay on your feet…no mo, no go :lol: [size=9]man that cracked me up… [/size]

Now 4pie, daggone it all man if you care enough to complain that no one is paying attention (Obviously you care)…take the time, find a mound…get a fella with a camera and a tri-pod, put on your cleats and seriously display your mechs. I’ll give it a peek.

im all up with that jd. when we got out there there was a game at the big ballpark so we had to go to the softball one. im getting something for you and for anyone else willing to give it a go this week. you’re right about the cleats i’ll just get something more serious. you dont really realise what you posted is garbage until someone makes you realize it haha. thanks by the way.

could deff be the your wearing khaki shorts and sneakers, but it doesnt look like your too flexible. a lot of the whip that generates velocity comes from elasicity and flexibility.

i think you might have nailed something there, i definetly feel like i lost a big load of it since i stopped playing ball the last few years.

i posted an other video on an other topic if you didnt see it. here’s the link