Please have a look for my pitching mechanics please


Hi, im 169 Cm tall. 75kg at the moment
fastball around 100-110km

please help me to look at see what can i improve for my mechanics

here is my video

im wearing black suit uniform , wearing glass, number 47

Thank you very much


Your stride is a bit short, and after your release you’re kind of give up on your follow through.

I’m not into the youth game, but it appears that your tossing the ball to your backstop (catcher) and not deliberately going with the pitch.

You might want to “load up” more with intent after your leg kick, bend the back leg slightly, compact yourself a bit, stride towards your catcher with your front hip more, then plant your stride foot solidly, then turn with your hips - THEN turn with your trunk (mid section) the turn with your shoulders and deliver your pitch slightly more in front of you. Stay with the pitch by bending down more with your release and finish by pushing your pitching shoulder as if you were burying it into your catcher. Keep your head looking at your catcher for as long a possible - don’t bail out of your pitch and spin off to the side. Be deliberate with your pitch at the end.


Others on this site have a lot more experience with the youth game than I. But from where I sit, I’ve coached matured men who have come off shoulder and lumbar sprains and injuries with the same motion that you have displayed here.

It takes a lot of muscle coordination and fitness to pitch - at any age. It looks as though you have a bit more growing and maturing to do, muscle wise. All of this takes time. Don’t rush things. Give yourself a chance to mature a bit more with your muscular development and you’ll do fine.

By the way, I’ve coached several Asian men in my career, and I have found that they develop slightly different than their European, Canadian, Latino and American counterparts. These pitchers (Asian) ten to rely on finesse and pitch with a set of pitches that are used almost surgically. But then again, muscular development - strength and conditioning is the key to success with this sport and pitching. So give yourself time.


thank you very much for the prompt reply, coach baker

btw im 30 years old already haha

:slight_smile: tyty i will try to look up and try more for what you said :slight_smile:
best regards


The video that you posted gives you a younger look than 30. In any event, my eyesight isn’t at its best. In the future, if you have any information that would assist others helping you, please mention it. Age, past injuries that would hamper your athletics, and so on would be very beneficial to those offering suggestions - like in this case.


sure thanks a lot :slight_smile: i dont have any injury as we play once a week only sometimes 2 game in a row,


You have a size issue. I think of Flash Gordon and Pedro as two guys that really threw hard but were small in stature. They were FREAKS. Those guys don’t just fall off of trees. It is very rare for a smaller person to throw very, very hard. I would guess most of the pitchers in MLB are an average height of 6’2 1/2". You can begin by conditioning your body and try to add some weight. My suggestion would be to keep doing what you’re doing. Change speeds and keep the hitter off balance. The chance of you being able to change your mechanics this late in life, without a professional pitching coach, are not good. Keep having fun and enjoy the game. Good luck to you and your team!


Slow you wind up down a little to allow you back leg to load and when you are in you knee lift stick your butt out (front hip) toward the catcher, be patient and wait for your hips to move forward an inch or two then start your throwing motion. By utilizing your front hip-to- catcher it will engage the back leg drive more sufficiently leading to increase velocity…