Please give me some feedback on videos

im looking for some drills, different opinions on what needs to be fixed with my son’s delivery. It sure looks like he uses little to no lower body at all to me. Kinda pitches with his weight almost back. He doesnt seem to understand how to push off and use his momentum down the bump. Been doing the hershiser drill. Fastball 79-81. Is there room for velocity improvement?

i may not be of much help, but you are finishing straight up, your stride looks roughly 60% of your height if that, and you don’t look like your exploding off the mound like you should be… chould be other things just my humble opion

Agree that you need more leg drive. See below video.

In addition, you probably need to pronate more forcefully. It won’t make you throw harder but your ulnar colateral ligament will thank you if you do.

First off, can you keep your video’s all in one thread, it’s so much easier for us to look at!

Here is what I notice, video 094, at :02 seconds, I can see you start to hunch over and ball up just a little, stay tall and drive your hips toward home. This comes at :03 seconds where you aren’t explosive at all, you couuld really use some work on the herseiser drill, here it is.


Next at :04 seconds you just dont get your back flat to the ground, work on pulling your right wrist down over your left leg that should help you flatten and use all you body.

Good Luck,

i like your arm swing

but i hope you can stride longer,

if you feel difficult , get some drill to help to strengthen your front leg

i hope when you stride longer, you can have a better followthrough phase