Please give feedback on mechanics

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looks pretty good to me especially for a 13 year old. Just need to get stronger. See Tuff Cuff or Wolforth’s Athletic Pitcher.

thank you for the comment, i will look into those things as i continue my pitching career

Like to see you lift your leg a little less, it looks like that right at the top part of your post you tend to ball up just a little bit and then it never goes away till release. Little less leg or make sure you keep your body upright and straight, my choice would be the leg.

yea my dad and i also noticed that. i’ve been working on staying tall in my post. also i have a question… at my release point i notice my head isn’t above my knee and my shoulders are very slanted. should i try to correct that or is that a result of my post problem?

I like your shoulder tilt. As much as I hate to bring up the name of Chris O’Leary, he does show that shoulder tilt in normal.

If you want to correct other things I think you should work at what comes first, since we are talking about the post it is before most other things so correct that then move on to what is next. Correcting the post could give you other issues or correct other things.

so your saying as i am in my post my leg kick is too high making me not stay tall, so that is what i should fix first then see where it takes me?

I’m no pro - but I don’t see as much issue with the leg lift as I do with where you end up in your delivery. You appear to fall off to the 1st base side quite a bit. You have a lot of rotational forces causing you to go that way. Instead of striding you have a pretty wide leg sweep - which in itself isn’t necessarily a terrible thing, but you also tend to tuck your glove instead of driving your chest to your glove. Both of these combined are pulling you off balance at the end of your delivery. I think if you were to at least change how you handle your glove side you would see a little more forward movement vice the rotational movement away from the catcher. This could help with accuracy as well as velocity. Search the site for “stabilize and swivel”. Smarter cats than me are on this site, but that is my $.02 worth.

great mechanics. keep balance when lifting that leg