Please give feedback on Mechanics

Please let me know things my son needs to work on. He has never really had lessons. He is 16 and is looking to increase velocity for his Junior year.

Looks pretty clean… the more experienced posters may have some insight for you on areas to tweek.

I did want to ask a few ?'s…

How long has he been competitively pitching?
What pitches are in his arsenal?
What’s his velocity like?
How many BB’s per 7 IP does he average?

He looks good based on what I evaluate in a pitcher… there are always things to tweek, but the big points look clean.

He has been pitching since he was 9. He played some pretty competitive travel ball when he was 11 and 12. He pitched a little in Middle School but this was his first full year as a starter on the Varsity High School level. He was a Sophomore this past year and had a good year. He was named Pitcher of the Year for his District. He was 6-2 with 2.77 ERA with 7 complete games. 47K’s in 48 innings pitched with 14 walks.

He throws a fastball with movement. Hits the outside corner consistently. He does need to learn to come inside. He also has a better than average curveball, and a good change-up that I believe he needs to throw more.

As far as velocity, his fast ball is around 78mph on average. I believe he has hit 80mph on occaision. His high school coach would like for him to be around 84-85mph next year. Hopefully he will get stronger this offseason. He currently is 6’0 and about 160.

high 70’s @ that age is right on track to be 85+ by Sr year.

Not sure what his workout program is, but Steve’s TUFFCUFF program could add 2-4+ MPH’s and will definitely make him bullet proof from injury and more effective in later innings.

Personally I have seen significant velocity increases with my son via Ron Wolforth’s “combat pitcher” workout program. A lot of crossover with any current pitching workout programs I’m sure, but I can put my stamp on it for sure.

He’ll probably pick up 2-3 MPH’s yearly by graduation, just by naturally growing, throwing & traditional workouts. If he can set up & execute a proven pitching specific program it wouldn’t surprise me to see him get that extra velocity & more importantly stay injury free & be dominant in later innings. A quality pitcher @ 87-88 vs 83-84 is a pretty big difference & could open up a lot of doors.

Keep the grades up as well… GPA & “team guy/Winner” are even more important than those extra MPH’s.

you did a good job in followthrough phase

such as
stand still unlike other MLB pitchers who alaways off the balance…
and your back is flat

And they make millions a year being off-balance.

I really like your mechanics by the way, your lower body and upper body work in sync very well. I’ll look at the video more closely later, but keep up the hard work.

Actually now that I look at the vid, one last time quickly I think he might want to change his glove a little bit, it seems a little quirky from first glance.

but that million dollar does not contribute a to a good mechanics after pitch is made

[quote=“hydejing”]but that million dollar does not contribute a to a good mechanics after pitch is made

So what now? All of a sudden CC Sabathia, Oswalt, and numerous other elite pitchers just have poor mechanics because they don’t finish in good fielding position?
Follow through matters very little, just because Greg Maddux finishes in good fielding position doesn’t necessarily mean that every pitcher has to land in that position.

The glove matter btw, looks fine, I looked at it more closely and all seems good.

Can any other coaches give me some more feedback?

Nice mechanics. I’d make a minor adjustment in the follow through of bracing up over a firmer front leg.

Is this an example of “Inverted L”? Both elbows seem to extend away from the body when the hands first separate. Just wondering if this can hinder velocity? He has been throwing since he was 9 and has never had any arm troubles though with this delivery.

His arm action is just fine, there is nothing wrong with it. His arm action is major league. He leads with his elbows, however is timing is very good and his arm doesn’t get trapped behind his body. If nothing is wrong don’t change it.

There is one thing that I see could help him, try to get his hips moving the plate sooner. A common drill for that is the Hershiser (sorry I’m probably butchering his name), have him hook his landing foot (his right foot) behind his left knee and stand close to a wall. Have him lead with his hip into the wall. If he does it right, his hip should be the first thing to hit the wall. Eventually have him do the exact same thing, but with him throwing to a partner. Tell him to go as far forward with his hips before he throws. I would suggest blending to help him make the change. It will help the movement seem more natural.

Thanks. He is working on the Hershiser Drill now. Also keeping front leg more firm. Any other critiques would be welcomed and appreciated.

Personally I don’t see a whole lot else that needs to be changed. I would simply have him work hard on his strength and conditioning. That combined with him maturing will have him throwing high velocities by his senior year

I agree with Priceless on the arm action being good. You might get the throwing side elbow a little higher, but like he says, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. One thing I noticed and I am not sure why this is, but it appears that he is really stressing his landing knee as he goes into follow through. The stress is pushing his knee towards third base. This makes me think some of his power is going in that direction rather than toward home plate. This could be due to over rotation of the hips, but again I am just not sure. Does anyone else see the same thing I am?

I noticed the same thing with the front knee in some of the still pictures I have of him from the front. Assuming I do not need to mess with anything other than the front knee, does anyone know how to correct this?

[quote=“12JTWilson”]high 70’s @ that age is right on track to be 85+ by Sr year.


im throwing 75-76 going into tenth, do you think i could top at 90 by end of my senior year?

im 6’1" 140lbs right now.

A good way for him to add velocity is to get the ball out of his glove sooner but hold on to the ball longer. Let throwing be the last thing he does. It needs to a last minute explosive move. Not only will it be faster but its much more deceptive to the batter. Stand a little taller and have an extended followthru… Finish the pitch … add pelvic load… There are allot of drills for velocity. This is just one… Hope that helps… Coach Jay

these are some nice mechanics. love the way you end up ready to field the ball. make it easier if you have 3 corner infielders