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I placed better video on a newer post,so its ok to delete this post.

Thanks Coach Hoop

It looked to me like your son shifts his weight somewhat backward before he goes forward in his motion from the stretch.

I think he would fare better if he shifted his weight forward (at the front hip) from the earliest part of his leg lift.

Hard to tell from the video, but the placement of his feet might need a tweak. If he starts with his feet about arm-pit to arm-pit width, with the toes of his post foot aligned with the middle of his stride foot, he should have a balanced leg lift.

If he is starting with both feet aligned at the toes, he will have to cantilever backward to compensate for his leg lift…that might be part of the first issue (above).

P.S.–While you are learning your camcorder, start using a tripod. Hand-held video makes it almost impossible to look for subtle movements.

Thank you I will work with those thing mentioned,I also think he stiff legs the left landing leg and doesnt get over the top of his left knee.

anyone else?

Looks like this boy has been taught to lead with his glove side elbow. I know that’s a somewhat common teach. But it makes the front arm too quick to do its thing which often leads to early shoulder rotation. I’d want to see him get his glove arm extended to mirror the throwing arm in an opposite and equal positiong (equal angles at the elbows). That should allow him to delay shoulder rotation allowing the hips to fully rotate and maximizing hip and shoulder separation. That’s where a big part of velocity comes from.


Thank you very much for your reply,I am currently trying to get better video to my computer and I will work with him to extend lead arm(glove side).

Coach Hoop