Please critique

Do you guys see any issues with my mechanics? Like timing, arm action, legs?

No legs. It looks like might be putting a lot of stress on your arm because of it. You need to drive off of your back leg and your front leg should be that straight when you throw.

Kinda hard to see from this video but I agree that you aren’t using your legs, you are also very straight up on the finish. Some of this might be because you aren’t on a mound so I would like to see a better video front, back and side views from a proper mound.

I’d like to see you get your upper body a little bit more out in front when you release the ball.

It’s different when not pitching from a mound,
you can’t necessarily get enough momentum going.
But you definitely need use your legs and hips better.
Looked like you reach pretty far down with your pitching arm,
probably a result of seperating the glove and pitching arms too early in your delivery.
Most important thing to do would be work on using your legs, hips, and core to generate momentum, so you’re not using your arm to get the force into the pitch.

Exactly what I’ve said all along, CardsWin.
One of the biggest problems with a lot of pitchers is that they throw with just the arm and the shoulder, and that’s where the trouble lies. They need to learn “The Secret” and use it—get the whole body into the action. :slight_smile: 8)

As best as I can tell, you’re very athletic and strong.

Have you ever played 3rd or short?

If you have good range of movement, can keep balanced on your feet, quick thinking, good hands for ball control off the hop, you might want to focus on being a 3rd baseman or a SS.

Also, how are you with a bat. You seem to have a good set of shoulders.

A man that can hanle to “hot spot” - 3rd, and a solid SS, are always in demand - ALWAYS.

Just something to think about.

Coach B.

Thx for comments. And yeah, it seems that from the mound I can lead with the hip, whereas on flat ground I have to be “reaching” with the front leg (as you can also see in this video of strasburg )

I’ll be working on getting my hips more involved, but I won’t be using legs only. I’m planning on using everything from toe to the fingertip, in the right sequence :stuck_out_tongue:
As for arm too forward, I think that’s because I keep accelerating my arm even few inches after the relase. Right now I’m learning to stop my elbow from getting too far in front and trying to whip through with built up energy, it seems to give me same pitching speed and a little bit less stress on the arm.

As for SS, no I haven’t tried that, but interesting suggestion :slight_smile:

There you go, swordlys! You’ve got the idea and you’re working on it. Good for you.