PLEASE comment on my mechanics

Here is me pitching in my last game. i pitched pretty well giving up 2 earned runs over 5 innings. so what do you thinkabout my mechanics:

what school you playin for? doesnt really look like your using your whole body, kinda just fall and rotate. need to be driving towards target more and getting more momentum with your legs.

I agree with Jake. More momentum, more energy, more aggressiveness would probably be a good thing.

Drop and drive at the plate. You have a very short stride towards home and you aren’t getting enough momentum from your back leg.

Couple of things I see:

1: You are pitching out of a hole in the mound. Take the time before you start your warm-ups to kick dirt around and do “surgery” on the mound to even out the footing. How many major league pitchers do you see pitching out of a toe hole?

  1. Mechanics: On the break out of the glove: Think thumb to thigh, glove to sky. I think this could help stretch your body out and possibly help develop some momentum.

okay guys thanks, i will work on getting more momentum and explosiveness towards home plate. any drills to help me do this