Please comment on my 12yo sons mechanics!

I have some idea of a few things he can work on, but would like a couple of pointers with his mechanics. More than anything I want to minimize his risk for injury. Thanks!

I hope I did this video right?

Haha read what I just posted in your introduction.

What I see is the plant foot is a tad on the open side, towards first base. Most guys are either strait if you drew a line from back toe to home plate they’re usually on that line or towards the third base side as a righty.

I also see that he is very tall when he throws. He could use more momentum when he starts his leg lift and getting down a little lower to throw instead of standing strait up.

But I see his glove doesn’t fly out which is very good for a younger kid. It is a common flaw he doesn’t seem to have.

Thanks Bower, by momemtum I assume you mean when he lifts his leg, he should begin to fall towards the plate or start his front hip moving towards the plate.