Please comment my Pitching technique 3.5

Hello again.
Thank you very much for all the comments!

I named this post 3.5 because it is an addition to the other post.
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Because i got some comments about the point of view, i made some other video’s. Hopefully this is more clearly. Now i got chest side, view from behind the pitcher and front view.

I’ve got some problems with getting the video on this website.
Thanks to my friend and team mate PeterV, it’s fixed!

Thank you in advance.

  1. Chest side:
  1. Front side:
  1. Back side:

The first thing I see is that you are a good sized kid, I don’t know how old you are but you look pretty tall for your age. At about 12 seconds of the “Chest Side” video, you tend to ball up a little and loose some of your height, this will reduce your ability to throw the ball down throught the zone, your pitches will tend to be a little flat. At your post you should loose very little height if any.

I do like your glove side mechanics and the way you finish in a very athletic postion.

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“One big problem…that Boston Jersey, get rid of it and get a propper Yankees Jersey. HaHa Good Luck.”

What does this mean…?
I’m not sure. but who are the yankees.? Never heard of them…haha

Thanks anyway for the comment :wink:

One thing I see is that your throwing the ball after your foot comes off the ground. Look at any pitcher and the majors and watch their back foot in relation to their stride.

As before I think you should pay attention to your initial posture and work on eliminating the head drop at the beginning of leg lift. This big drop is directing energy into the ground which must then be counteracted before you can move to the target. This slows you down and limits the amount of momentum you can generate toward the target.

One way to correct this is as I said before. Set up in a more athletic position with a slight bend in the knees and a slight lean at the waist. You seem to have a little bend in the knees but your torso is very upright. Adding a slight bend at the waist will serve to put you in a position more similar to the one you move to as you lift your leg without having to waste time, energy and changing posture to do so. You’re initial forward lean is very evident from the rear view.

As for your rear foot coming off the ground most elite pitchers have some sort of drag line although a few don’t. Those that don’t are in the minority. IMO drag line is a good thing and can be used as an indicator of previous events in the delivery. Fix your posture first and see if that has an effect on your drag line. One step at a time.

Other than the posture issue I like you’re athleticism and the way you control your glove and finish. Once you get started you’re head stays on line pretty well.

You look good.I would like to see You get more on Your back side with More loading in the hips