Please comment my Pitching technique 2

Hey there.
Thank you for the comments on my last video. I tried to work on it a little, and my question now is: did I make some improvement?

Here is my other post to compare the video’s:

Here are my new video’s:



Thank you in advance

Pretty solid basics… whatever feedback you get won’t require any “wholesale changes”.

Hard to truly evaluate w/out real speed video, but it appears you can gain from some add’l use of the lower body & a more explosive stride to the plate.

Anytime I see the back foot lift off the rubber early (pre release) & a “tall” angle with the foot plant leg I’m thinking there is a lot of potential/velocity being left behind.

The timing of your upperbody appears a bit premature… looking at the position & angle of the torso @ footstrike I think you are not “staying behind” the ball long enough. Speeding up the lower body a bit & using it to its full potential may be the key to balancing out your timing so that everything clicks together. Again, its not dramatic but could be the adjustment you are looking for.

How to tweek that & what drill? I’ll look forward to others opinions as well…

As I’ll always preface… their are far greater members to hear from than myself, but sometimes hearing different opinions & “basic eyes” lends value as well.

your back leg is lacking, youre not striding, this is causing your arm to not have as much force and you dont have a lot of external rotation, stride farther by using the back leg and you will see an immediate jump in velocity, also, your back foot is off the ground when you throw, its like throwing off of one foot, by using your back leg it shouldfix this.

I would also recommend that you stride longer and get out on your front leg more. When you are doing it good you should feel like your momentum is carrying you down the mound. That forward momentum should also increase your velocity a bit.