Please Analyze Son's Video-- 14 year old freshman RHP

I have been visiting this site for a few months and have found it to be very informative, helpful, and extremely interesting. I have finally gotten up the nerve to post so here goes: My son is a 14 year old, 6’1", 180 lb. freshman RHP who hopes to make his high school team as a pitcher/outfielder. We would like everyone’s analysis of his current mechanics, potential, and any suggestions for improvement.

Please note that this is my first time posting on this message board (or any message board for that matter :slight_smile: ), making a video for analysis, and/or uploading a video to youtube so please forgive me if the format/quality is not ideal or if I have made any mistakes in doing so. Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Here is the link:

to me it looks like his glove tucks in to early but I’m no mech expert :smiley:

A side view would have been nice to see in addition to the front view. But the first thing I noticed is that his back foot lifts off the ground instead of dragging. This is an indicator of a couple things: a postural issue and a lack of momentum.

Regarding the postural issue, it looks like his upper half gets out front too far, too soon. He needs to learn to lead with his front hip keeping his head slightly behind his front hip through his stride and into foot plant.

Regarding the lack of momentum, he needs to get his hips moving forward sooner and faster. He might find it easier to start with the knees bent a bit to lower his center of gravity and put him into a posture he has the core strength to maintain.

I also notice his arms don’t get into an opposite and equal position. He extends his throwing arm fairly straight to the back yet his glove arm never gets fully extended to the front. This will lead to balance and, more importantly, timing problems. Try to get him to adjust his glove arm to match his throwing arm. Don’t mess with his throwing arm.

Thanks for the anaylsis. We really appreciate your time and will try to address the issues identified as well as getting a side view.

Another way to help staying behind the lead hip is to flex the right leg
just prior to starting down the mound. This will keep his weight back, and
he can use his leg to push with and get momentum started.

He also looks like he is throwing alittle across his body. He needs to land with his left foot on or just left of a line from the right foot to the catcher
when he is facing the catcher. This will help him open his hips better, and
square the shoulders.

yeah … same with future on this 1… try 2 get ur glove 2 not tuck as early. it seems like when u break ur hands its already tucked

has your son ever had any arm problems?

tucking of the glove is causing to fly open