Please analyze my mechanics

bend your knees so your head can be more balanced, your stride can be longer, and you can get more momentum

You know, you have some nice things going on there but that lack of a stride is hiding the good parts. It reduces the possibility of generating any useful momentum that could be transferred up the chain to the ball. Just try these two things, then make a new video after some good work on it, and post again. The good part I’m referring to is how you get your front hip moving toward the target early. You aren’t stopping at the dreaded “balance point”. You just stop that good feature so early that you lose the benefit.

To simplify for now, try this:
Drive your front hip, sideways at the target for a much longer period of time while remaining sideways. Do it harder and you’ll find your stride will become longer as a result. Throw late.

Try these simple things and see how things progress. Be aware of the fact that it will not feel right for a while. It’ll take some trial and error but give it a good chance.

It looks like you are doing a “stay tall and fall” and just stumbling forward. Bend your knees and stride out a little farther. You do have a nice, small rocker’s step, which is good.

I agree with the others that your stride is too short. As DM said, you do seem to start forward early which is good. But I think you could get going a little faster. I like the others’ suggestion of putting a slight bend in your knees as you seem too upright throughout your delivery.

But I think your biggest issue is that your shoulders appear to rotate with your hips. And I think your glove arm is causing the problems. Specifically, your glove arm never gets extended out front and it’s definitely not out front when your front foot plants. This causes the shoulders to rotate early and it steals the timing necessary to delay shoulder rotation until after hip rotation. Try to get the glove arm out front in a position that mirrors your throwing arm and keep it there until front foot plant. After that, drop the elbow and turn the glove over but keep the glove out front and bring your chest to the glove.

Although I agree with Roger’s comments, I’d suggest that you take this in bite sized chunks at the moment. That’s why I said to just move that front hip sideways, longer and faster, then throw late. This would be step one in the process. See how that goes, then the things Roger pointed out could be worked on. I’m talking about the major thing here. No momentum. Ramp that up and see where everything falls then.