Please Analyze My Mechanics

My high school season has been over for almost two months now. Here is two videos of me pitching in my parents bedroom with no glove or ball. The view is kind of poor but I would still like anyone to view it and give me some insight. My main problem is accuracy so please let me know if you see anything. The Second Video is a better view.

I have control issues so please tell me if you see anything that would help me.


It’s tough to say anything with that vid.

I find for me, control is nothing but concentration and practice. Also, I find the more confidence I bring to the mound the more strikes I throw.

I know its hard to tell and I apologize but its the best I can do right now. I think the second video is a lot better.

yea its really hard to tell. Id put better stuff on of you actually throwing a baseball outside with better light