Please analyze my mechanics, 14yo

Hey sorry for the bad angles, i hope you can see most of my motion with these. if not, ill try to get different videos up. thanks in advance!

ps. im 14 years old, 5’ 10" and 125. i know, im really skinny lol[/youtube]

In the second vid you’re really opening your landing foot up. It might be the angle but when it lands it looks open which will pull your frontside open early maybe costing you some velo.

thanks. ill look into that. anyone else want to comment?

not true, discussed in another post about joel zumaya’s foot landing like this the conclusion was that with his foot landing open it allows his hips to open more

so rather than reducing velo its increasing

Whoa, are u playin for the brewers select ball from around the nw? If so, then i know a couple a guys from there!

All in all, I like what I see here. I’m glad that you’re working from a mound and not on flat ground. It’s hard to tell much from a YouTube video because you can’t stop it and step, frame by frame, through it but at full speed, you look good.

Try to raise your leg instead of swinging it

Thanks guys. I’ve changed a few things since these videos. Mainly speeding up the tempo of my motion because over the course of the game i could feel myself slowing down. Also, changing the position of my hands, instead of them dropping to my waist once i step back, i keep them up by my ears which helps with my down angle. ANd also, i do feel myself lifting my leg a little more, rather than the “swinging” motion i kind of have in these videos.

And yeah im playing for the Washington Brewers in the nw area. what guys do you know?


are you talking about a slide step or a leg lift from the stretch?

the only thing i really have trouble with right now is consistantly hitting the outside corner(to righties). i just mainly wanted to see if there was anything that i was doing wrong. my arm strength and recovery time after outings i feel is pretty good, no arm pain. altough i do keep getting a little bit of soreness in my teres minor, but i think thats due to my stretching.

In the first video I had this same thought but I knew for sure when I saw the last 2 videos were recorded at Stod’s :stuck_out_tongue: