Please analyze. In need of help

This is my pitching from the stretch.
I practice often, and i get things elevated, and I have some control issues. I was wondering if my mechanics looked alright.
Also, I noticed that when I the ball is still in my hand right when I am about to throw the ball, my back pushoff foot is off the ground. I was wondering if that foot should still be on the ground.
Please, if anyone could give my some feedback, on what you think.

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Unfortunately you have quite a few issues with your mechanics. I suggest that you seek out a quality instructor in your area. If you aren’t able to do that then study the videos of MLB pitchers on this site and try to emulate them. Your flaws could lead to injury without some quick adjustments. I’d definitely start by lowering your throwing arm elbow. It should be just below shoulder height. This should get you started. Post new videos as you progress.