Playoff Predictions

My playoff predictions (I don’t want to hear it about Texas because I made these predictions before the playoffs started):

TEX over TOR & HOU over KC
TEX over HOU
STL over CHC & NYM over LAD
NYM over STL

TEX over NYM

What are yours?

How dare you have NYM eliminate the Cards! I don’t wanna play anymore! :sob:

I didn’t see this happening with Texas. I am pulling for the Cards but I can see the Mets going all the way.

yeah i like the cardinals too but i think this is the year that cardinals/giants don’t win the NL lol

You may be right. The Cardinal pitching hasn’t looked that great at the end of the season and the Mets are loaded. Degrom looked pretty good last night.

I pick

TX over TOR

KC over HOU

KC over TX

STL over CHC and NYM over LAD

NYM over STL (ouch, that hurt!)

NYM over KC

Yeah degrom was nasty. and that’s just the start. now the dodgers got thor and black knight to worry about. can’t imagine it would be fun facing those pitchers.

Cardinals over Rangers…
I love the Dodgers but they don’t have a chance.

agreed. tonights their best shot and it will still be tough to scrap a few funs off of syndergaard

$300 million payroll (or whatever) and a bad pen and a lineup full of average hitters.
They keep trading young players for old guys.

reminds of a team in the american league…lol yanks do have a better system though going into 2016

Thor can be a bit shaky on the road. Harvey may be distracted by his pitch count. We will see. Greinke needs to crush tonight in order to seal his contract status.

Go Cards!

should be some good baseball tonight

Kansas City came back with five runs in the eighth inning to retake the lead, and then Eric Hosmer unloaded a 2-run shot in the ninth to make it 9-6, which was the final score. This reminded me of something a long time ago—back in the late 1930s and the 1940s, a phenomenon rightfielder Tommy Henrich called “five o’clock lightning”, a phrase he used to describe the team’s way of striking back in the late innings. It happened again, and now the ALDS goes back to KC for the winner-take-all game. Memories.

Thoughts on utleys slide?

wasn’t necessary to go out of his way to take tejada out BUT they wouldn’t be making such a big deal if tejada didn’t get hurt

It was dirty in the sense he had no intention of trying to touch the bag. Very late slide. I agree that if Tejada wasn’t injured it wouldn’t be such a big deal. The funny thing with how sports are now, he was left on second base, not ejected and the out call didn’t stand. So, in the game it is a legal play, but, he is going to be suspended? How can he be suspended for a legal play?

lol makes no sense

Having just watched Back to the Future III, it gives us inside information that the Cubbies sweep the World Series in 2015.

I would like to see a Cubs/Jays WS.

Looks like my crystal ball is a little cloudy.

Living in a gambling town I know a couple of people that made futures bets for the Cubs to win it all in 2015. Bets were made last year and right before this season.

Just remember - that movie (Actually BTF II) also had Miami in the series as well :smile: