Playoff pitching

Ok, so a couple weeks ago I guess I had a dead arm because I wasn’t throwing nearly as hard. Last Saturday my arm felt much better but it was more like 90%. We have playoffs tomorrow and I think right now I’m still around 90-95% but it turns out our league is 13-14’s but for some reason 15’s are playing in it and now 15’s can’t pitch in the playoffs. They decided to wait until the playoffs began to tell of this :cry: . This is mad cheap that we can play but can’t pitch because now we can use a whole 4 pitchers for the next possible 4 games (or less if we lose) and only 2 have pitched before. I’m still really mad over this but I guess it gives me a chance to get to 100% with my arm and a learning experience for the other 4 kids (even though none of them want to pitch). So just to make me look smarter to my team (just kidding) any advice you guys have thatI can give them? (Side note at least I ended my pitching for my team [and my coach, who was my coach for 3 years in a row] on a high note with a no hitter…but this sucks)

Doesn’t sound like it’s to big a deal, you’ll throw many more games. Think about it long term for a minute. Not necessarily a bad thing to rest and get your arm 100% anyway ya know?

If the kids that are pitching have little or no experience just try and tell them to relax, have fun and throw strikes! There are 8 guys behind him that will help him get the outs he needs.