Playoff Pitching

2nd game of Playoffs for us tomorrow. (1st game was today) 3rd round out of 4. Friday is the championship. I start tomorrow against a pretty good team (I REALLY want to win) and if we win then I’m gonna be used again Friday (me and the kid that pitched today and someone else).

Just wondering what you guys did to get ready for playoffs. Any specific routines different from normal games? Good luck charms? Are you calm before the game or do you get excited?

For me the farthest I have ever been were semi-finals. I came in as relief for 3 innings and gave up 1 earned run (we lost). Other than that not much playoff pitching experience for me and I REALLY want to win tomorrow more than any other game I have pitched (ever) so I am gonna stretch, warm up, and be ready before the game but I’m deciding to get really calm or get really excited n go crazy like I sometimes do.

In my oppinion, the key would be not to do anything differently. Just do what got you there, treat it like anyother game, just make sure you stay concentrated from the first warmup to the final out. Make sure every pitch has a purpose, do your best and you’ll find yourself celebrating in front of the other team.