Playing time with coach


Hey, I have something to ask. My coach is a coach for two other teams other than the one I’m on. I only play on one of his teams. There are two players on my team that play on his other teams and it is clear that I am better than both of them (they play pitcher and catcher and I play pitcher and catcher) Before the season started I was pitching some strikes but I was the fastest pitcher with only throwing a fastball. I recently found what I had been doing wrong and I throw all strikes fast. And I learned a change up pitch. But I can’t show my coach because I don’t pitch to him. We do have another pitcher who is probably better than me but as a back up or closer. Btw I have a good relation to my coach and I am 13 and I am currently playing right field. What should I do to show him I have gotten better at pitching or somehow convince coach he should be developing me as a player instead of them?


Is the coach a parent of another player? Can you ask him and the other catcher to stay after practice to watch you throw a bullpen?


Ok so I have known both the coaches who are about 25 years old since I was little because they played high school baseball with my brother and the pitcher I was talking about is one of the coaches brother. Also we don’t practice anymore, just games.


What’s the age group for this team? No practices, really?


Our age group is jr high so 6-8 grade and yeah it’s weird we don’t have any more practices


So what Should I do? Just Chang Teams?


It’s not uncommon for coaches to have the next game’s pitchers all throw a pen after a game. I do this a lot with youth teams that have little to no organized practices once the season starts. I also use the time before a game to look at 1 or 2 developmental pitchers. I’ll have those two take BP first and then work with an assistant coach to get some throws in.

You could email your coach before your next game and ask him if he wouldn’t mind taking a look at your progress and ask to get his opinion on your next step. Getting him into the decision-making process and showing you value his opinion should resonate with him.


Be honest with your coach. Let him know you’re interested in pitching. Also let him know you’ve improved and would like the opportunity to demonstrate your skills to him.

DO NOT turn it into a “you vs the other guy” issue. Do not tell him how you’re better than someone else. Keep it all about you and how you think you can help the team. Maybe mention that you could help the team by pitching relief innings just to get your foot in the door.


There’s nothing wrong with offering yourself for mop up duty. In the coach’s mind, it’s win-win because he is not using up pitch counts of the kids he considers to be pitchers and once you are in there he’s a captive audience to showcase your improvement.


From my observations, this age bracket for your coach(s) early 20’s to mid 20’s is a hard nut to crack when it come to making new impressions. This age group seems to value the winning edge and familiar player pools a lot. Not that others don’t, it just seems that relationships are - were, part of their life, and recently at that.

The suggestions that you’ve received thus far are good ones. On the other hand, it’s hard, if not impossible, to shift the concentration of attitudes by others, especially when those attitudes are no in step with yours.

I will give you credit where credit is do. At 13 years of age you’re now seeing how life works, in ways that are new to you, if not for the first time, a repeat of maybe other things that haven’t gone your way. Just be careful on how you approach these young men. Remember, at 13 years of age there’s only 12 years separating you from these young men. They have a lot to learn about the team and game management, as do you. So, time your approach carefully. If you sense any indifference or sarcasm by any coach, to your approach, back-off ASAP.

Get back to us and give us your experiences beyond this point. I ask this because your experience at 13 years of age is not all that unusual.


Okay, it is now next year and the season is coming around. I talked to my coach asking about pitching and he told me some things I should work on. Over the year I have perfected a Fastball, Changeup, and a Slider. I have a curveball in the process. I will come to tryouts in February with all four pitches mastered. I am extremely excited and the coach’s son that was pitching is now unable to play for our team because he changed schools although his brother is still the coach. I should be started almost every game. Thank you for your input and a video of my pitching techniques is only the Au for you guys to critique. Thank you.