Playing senior baseball

There’s a senior baseball team in cold lake(over 21) and they were short a few players and a lot of them are the same age as my older sister so they gave me a call to play with them a few times this summer. It was a great experience to play against some of those guys.
This past weekend I played in a tournament with them after not having thrown a ball or swung a bat in almost a month. The first team we played had a lefty throwing low-mid 80’s who had played college baseball in his youth and had pitched a no hitter in western canadians. He struck me out twice but I did hit a curveball hard foul and then had a hard hit line drive to the second basemen. The biggest difference I noticed with him over kids my age was great location and great secondary stuff, I was always on my toes because I never knew what he was going to throw and he could throw anything for a strike.

The next team we played, our ace from midget who played on the provincial team couldn’t find his control and got chased in the first. I got put in to pitch in the second inning with the bases loaded down 12-0 and managed to keep the score 15-3 over the next four innings, and it was against the team that won the tournament. The big upside to it was striking out two guys who are playing college baseball right now, and getting a compliment from one of them saying i had a college level breaking ball and i was gunned throwing the fifth hardest in the tournament, with 3 of the guys throwing harder than me had a lot of experience in the upper levels of baseball.

Nice job. Congrats