Playing in Colorado

Here is one, my kids team is playing it’s last tournament this year in Colorado and he is worried about the difference in altitude and his cardio. How much is it going to effect him? What can he do to limit what he can do at full bore?

Since I am from Colorado, and it had been years since I played at lower altitude, I did notice a few differences when I came to live at a lower altitude (5,000+ feet lower). The biggest thing that you will see is that the ball floats more at the higher altitudes, especially up in the mountains. With that said, the fastball is actually faster, and the curve won’t break as much. There isn’t anything you can do to get ready for an altitude change. I just suggest being in the best shape possible, because then you won’t notice it as much.

Drink lots of water. Oh, and when you’re thinking…“man, that’s a lot of water”, drink more.