Playing Hurt.... A Story

Read this article and all I could do was shake my head and say to myself how dumb is this guy to risk his long term health.

Thought it would be a good story for guy’s on here to read and think about and maybe it would sink in that if you’re hurt take care of yourself especially if you’re playing at a lower level.

Playing hurt and for what?

Wow, good read, Makes ya think about what baseball means to ya! (Makes me want to get better even more)

Do you guys remember Luke Appling?
There’s an old-timer for you. He was, if I remember correctly, a shortstop and a good one, who played for many years in the American League. They called him “Old Aches and Pains”, because he was constantly complaining about how his elbow hurt, how his knees hurt, how this hurt and that hurt—a regular walking encyclopedia of ouch. Here’s the thing: when he arrived at the ballpark he was asked how he was feeling. If he replied with his usual litany of complaints, you knew he could be counted on to be a beast at bat, tearing the cover off the ball with one extra-base hit after another. But if he said he was feeling all right—on that day he would go 0-for-3, 0-for-4, couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield!
But seriously, it behooves a player, at whatever level of the game, to take care of himself (or herself). Wales, I wish you could locate the article you mentioned and post it here so we all could read it. :roll:


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