Playing for Multiple Clubs

Playing for multiple teams during the summer can have unexpected results that puts one club subordinating the other. In other words your dependability can be in jeopardy, and so can your references, stats, and other things that support your reputation.

For example, let’s say that your playing on two clubs this summer, and you’re pitching on a club with a lot of your friends, in addition to playing on a very competitive club - like Legion, AAU, high stakes travel, and so forth. Now here’s where the dicey part comes in. You know the college recruiters and scouts of all kinds will be attending some of your highly competitive games (Legion, AAU, travel, etc.), and on a so-so basis with the other club. If you try to balance one club against the other, that is - be ready at all times for one club at the expense of the other, that’s going to work against you - big time. Your stats will suffer on one club, but, look great on the other. So, the result of this is - lack of consistency.

Think of it this way, if you’re trying to accumulate a consistent reputation, stats, and all the other stuff that goes hand-n-hand with proving yourself- worthy of a phone call, be careful with over extending yourself.

By the way, a coach and his/her staff that volunteers their time to provide a program for youngsters to have some fun this summer, deserve better.

Coach B.