Playing College Baseball

I am a 6’1 190lb 16 year old going into my junior year.
I play 1B more than i pitch, but i did see my short amount of time on the mound this season.
I was wondering if i have the “ability” or the “make-up” to play at a D3 or JC school, or even God-willing D1,2. Some of my stats were : .330 avg, .480 obp; 23 rbi; and batted 3, 4, 5, and 6th in the lineup. I started every game for my JV high school team and was called up to varsity at the end of the year. I just want to know if i am “on track” to play college baseball. I know there is still a lot for me to improve on, too.

good build, those numbers are okay for jv and won’t really mean much till you play full time on varsity. how good is your varsity team and the teams they play?

Varsity team went 9-13. Despite record, made it to second round of the playoffs, where we played a very skilled #1 seed team. The starting and back up 1B were both 2 time All Catholics Seniors so…
And three senior pitchers are going on to play at D1 and D3 schools. I personally think that it is tough to try and find a spot as a sophomore, considering only one other sophomore played all year as a pinch runner/DH, on such a talented and heavily stacked senior varsity team. Also keep in mind, we had 12 seniors on our varsity team, too. I know other coaches at other schools that i talked to that said i could have started 1B and SP at the varsity level, so apparently i have the ability.

That is awesome!!! Did the players pick where they were going to play based on the school or the baseball?

Now it’s your turn to shine for 2 years.