Playing Baseball in the Northeast

Winter is my absolute worst time of year…especially when you live in Philadelphia. it snows from november to february, so its IMPOSSIBLE to throw this time of year. I do not live in Florida, California, or Arizona where its 90 degrees out every day and i can throw outside every day.

Any “indoor” throwing drills out there that can help me build my arm up, without going outside?

Recently there was this drill that didn’t need a partner or anything that I thought was brilliant, try it out.

Like to have some feedback if you use this.

Definitely something to do on a rainy day. I appreciate the advice.
On a scale of 1-10, i will give it an 8, because it really feels like your throwing long distance.

Thanks! Two thumbs up!

P.S - if this guy makes any more videos, let me know

He has posted several recently. All well worth watching. Change-up video is excellent and a video with a real good four step drill for learning to throw a curve. Hip/Shoulder separation clip and some videos dealing with increased injuries to pitchers. Excellent stuff.

This is indeed a very good idea, because don’t fool yourself, it does get very cold here in Florida during the winter—we recently had several nasty freezes, and who wants to go out bundled up like an Eskimo down here?
I remember when I lived in New York, and when it got too cold and I wanted to at least play some catch I was always able to find someplace where I wouldn’t freeze my tush off—the high school gym, or an armory in Manhattan, whatever, and my catcher and I would have a nice game of catch. One can always find a solution! :slight_smile: