Playing a team that hates you

You ever had to pitch against a team that hates you, personally… as in, the guys on the other team know you and think you wronged them in the past… as in, you used to be a member of their team… anything similar to that?

What kinda thoughts and emotions should you chanel when you’re out there?

Nothing. Show no emotion, be composed, and go at them just like you would any other team. If you let them get you fired up, shit’s gonna hit the fan, pardon my english. Pitch like you pitch.

amen to that

It is to laugh.
When I was playing, many moons ago, I was on one of six teams in our league, and the other five teams hated me like poison. They couldn’t beat me for sour apples. I was a natural sidearmer with not much in the way of speed but a good arsenal of snake-jazz and the control and command to go with it, and in less time than it takes to tell it I acquired the nickname “The Exterminator”—because the other teams complained that I was just killing them! :slight_smile: 8) My strikeout pitch was a slider which I had nicknamed “Filthy McNasty” (after a character in a W.C. Fields movie) because that was exactly what it was—sharp-breaking and at the last minute, and my teammates and I used to crack up at the sight of the opposing batters losing their balance and falling backward on their rear ends with their arms and legs (and bats) up in the air like overturned bugs.
Oh, I’d give up a couple of hits—scattered singles—but I had an equally nasty habit of inducing double-plays, and I didn’t walk anybody. Either I was striking out the batters, or I would do what my pitching coach had told me—“get the ball over the plate and MAKE THEM HIT IT”—make them go after what I wanted them to hit, and usually it was a weak ground ball to some infielder or a can of corn to the outfield which our shortstop would usually grab. Oh, did I ever have fun making those opposing batters look very silly—and the upshot of it all was, I never lost a game.
Did the other teams hate me? They sure did. Did I care? Nope.

I hit three batters in one inning on a day where I had little control. All three were easily avoidable, and one was even jumped into, but I digress. The next time I face the team I just threw inside heat and no one had the balls to turn on one. Toss is a kneebuckler for a righty and I was set. I found that when you have have a negative history, I tend to get cocky, which can be good or bad.

eh i play this one team in the league that HATES me. i dominate them every game, it started with an argument one game. then the next time we played em i was half drunk from my 21st bday and beaned 10 batters in the first inning. from there it just turned into a war every time our 2 teams play. i personally love it my emotions come out but usually for me thats a good thing. i become more aggressive and more determined. my mound presence improves and my concentration goes up. i wouldnt worry about trying to channel anything, focus more on beating that @$$ and making them remember why they hate you.

One thing I do against aforementioned team is stand off the rubber looking into the glove for a long time, set, and step off. By the time the ball gets to the batter he’s so aggressive he’s sure to miss if the ball has any break to it. Even 0-2 if yoou do this and then throw a terrible pitch, like bounce it 5 feet before home plate, or throw it 10 feet outside, and ten do it again with a strike.

I forgot to mention—I had picked up on the crossfire. This is a beautiful and lethal move that works only with the sidearm delivery, and I had fallen so in love with it that I used it all the time, which added to the discomfiture of the opposing batters!