Player Question?

To All HS Coaches:

  1. Do you like it when a HS player just pitches and does not play a position? Do you feel like they can concentrate on one thing or do you see them as an “Outsider” on the team that can only contribute 1 out 4 days? As tryouts get closer this question often bounces around in my mind. Does anyone have an opinion?

  2. How many is TOO many on a baseball roster? Does anyone have an opinion?

Me personally in HS i just pitched and only had 1AB in my HS career (which was a sac bunt THAT I DID GET DOWN :lol:) but I felt it helped me focus on my pitching a lot more and focus on what I am good at.

our pitchers tend to also be our best position players so we dont usually have anybody just pitching.

we have full jv and freshman schedules. our jv will play 30 plus games so we only dress for varsity games whose needed that particular day. it will vary some from game to game. but we’ll just dress 11 or 12 kids for most varsity games. after the jv season is over and we are in tournament play we’ll dress more.

In many circumstances I have also found my best position players also to be the pitchers, especially SS type kids. It is always a bit of a dilemna I think in terms of handling their arm health issues. The more troubling issue is when these athletes are also basketball players that don’t get enough throwing in before the season starts.

I think 12 is a good number unless you have kids who can take on a specific role.