Player of the Week Help?

I was nominated as a player of the week candidate in my local newspaper.

If you guys can throw a few votes my way it’d be great.


(Dave Behler, Lehighton … went 7-for-11 with three homers and nine RBIs and also won two games on the mound.)

Thanks in advance guys.

I did my part dave but that soccer player is really popular…I’ll bet all those people also voted for Arlen Specter. :smiley: Just a little Pennsylvania joke…

thanks I appreciate it.

Arlen Specter better enjoy his remaining days. He’s not the most popular guy in my area anymore.

I voted for you. Dude that is one great week, it seems like this player of the week thing is a bunch of politics because dude 7 for 11 (.636) 3 HRs!!! Plus the two wins, that’s a great all around week, I don’t care what anyone says.

Getting nominated for player of the week is enough because after that it comes down to who can get the most of there freinds to vote for them. By winning it doesnt mean you had a better week then the other contendents just more votes went your way.

But i voted none the less nice week bro thats solid for sure.