Plateau Effect in the Gym

For a while now, i havent seen too many results from my lifting schedule. i have an offseason, inseason, high, low parts, you name it i have it. currently during my fall season, i lift three times a week (MWF) and do my cardio two times a week (TT) with games on weekends and practices in between. I lift 4x a week during the winter and only elastic bands and light weights for shoulders during spring and summer season.

How can i see more results in my lifting? Also, any reccomdenations on supplements (at a reasonable price please). Thanks in advance for the advice

You need to eat lots of food. Lots and lots of food. Whey is good after you lift. I wouldn’t use anything more than that. Most whey protein powders have all the nutrients you need after you lift.

Are you getting stuck at a body weight or stuck at a weight in exercise weight?

For body weight, I would recommend the first paragraph. and to read up on this link. It helped me out.

If you are stuck at a weight for lifting, try to substitute some exercises for others. Or do an alternate workout for a couple days( maybe like a p90x type thing or a deck of cards). Mix up the workouts you currently have, if you do legs first, do them second vice versa.

Make sure when you increase weight when you workout you go up 10 lbs for legs(5lbs each side for a bar), and 5lbs for upper body(2.5lbs each side).

Focus on doing perfect reps with lower weight, change the number of reps you do. there’s a million things you can do.

The key is do something different, your muscles are used to your routine, you need to ‘surprise’ them with something different.

Here’s a link to a website that can show you lift information, so you can substitute some lifts for others, or develop an alternate workout.

Someone else can chime in. That’s just my two cents on the matter.

Good Luck! I’ve been where you’re at before, you just got to keep plugging along.

thank you. i am happy with my current weight and i m not struggling on weight, i can see increases. but not necessarily in body definition. i will be sure to read over these articles. thanks

Fortunately, this is baseball. Not a bodybuilding contest.

Could you define the “results” that you are looking for???

-Are you referring to strength gains as measured by your 1rep max
-Are you referring to weight gain
-Are you referring to 20" pythons(which is what I have)