Plainfield High School Junior

Well just like anyone one day I want to make it to the MLB. I should start with my younger career, in Little League I tore my bicept completely and broke my growth plate and back then throwing 80mph at 45ft was a huge thing… until I got hurt. I regained almost all my strength and now as a junior of 5’9" 192lbs, I throw low-mid 80’s. Every summer I have dedicated at least 4 hours a day to training for baseball. In Plainfield we aren’t exactly the richest so I get stuck doing as I am told since I can’t afford an actual pitching coach. My off season regimen was to stretch, run, push-ups sit-ups, and wall hangs finished off with a long run. My sophomore season I threw mid 70’s so gaining 8-9 mph was a huge improvement. Everyone that has seen me thrown that actually knows a thing or two says with the proper training I can be throwing over 90 come senior year. As of right now with 5 games left of my High School season I am 3-1 (missingh the first 5 games because of academic probation) I have one start left before the ECC tournament and State Tournament. So far I have 31 Strikeouts in 24 1/3 innings pitched with 9 walks and 19 hits. I will update everything after todays game as I am in relief.

May 9, 2013-
Me vs Tourtellotte
It was downpouring for 4 innings as I threw. I recorded 11 K’s through 5 innings and gave up 1 hit and 1 HBP. It was an extremely tough outting considering I am coming off a broken medial mallealous. (very painful to walk on) still I just took my pain meds and was out for my team. I completed 5 innings and was pulled because we were up 13-0 due to a 3 run homer from me(:

The BIG thing that jumped out from your first post is being suspended 5 games because of academic probation.

If you missed 5 games because of academics that’s not good.

Get your grades up you can have all the talent in the world and get stuck on the outside looking in because you’re grades are closing opportunities that you could have if your marks were better.

What a lot of people don’t realise is the large majority of guys playing ball get most of their scholarship money because of grades simply because there isn’t a lot of athletic money to be spread around on a College roster.

Wales gave you some great knowledge. LankyLefty will confirm that academics was one of the main reasons he chose Maryland (although he is one talented ball player). The reason I never got the chance to play at U. of Hartford (D1 in American East Conference) was because I didn’t cut it in the class room, now I’m not attending school and working full-time hoping one day to go to a Community College just so I can get a degree. Coming out of high school, baseball was the most important thing to me but I quickly realized I needed to shift my focus to academics.

If memory serves me right, back a couple years ago when Oregon State was the baseball powerhouse, they only had 11.5 scholarships to give out for all there players when the football team had over 15 just for incoming freshman. A team isn’t going to take a risk on a guy who struggles in school, not even if he’s a great talent, think of it from there POV. You take up a roster spot or a scholarship on a kid who’s chucking 95+ but struggles in school, right before the season he’s deemed ineligible, now you lost a player and a roster spot for the season.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, also an MLB team would rather take a college kid then a high school kid (unless that kid is a great talent or has upside) because 1) they’re more mature and educated 2)a high school kid might not pan out, not saying all college kids do but atleast they had more of a sample size to predict how me may do.

The MLB statement varies from organization to organization.

Some take HS over College because of a higher ceiling and more toolsy potential.

Others take College because of more maturity, and they know the potential ceiling better, etc etc…

The scholarship statement is pretty close, DI Baseball only has 11.5 full scholarships to spread amongst their roster IF they are fully funded (many are not) of that 11.5, 25-28 (I know my numbers are off this part) rostered players MUST have a 25% scholarship, once you start doing the math there isn’t that much left over. DI is also allowed walk-ons that receive ZERO athletic monies, this is where ACADEMICS comes into play.

At the DII level you have I believe 11.7 (again IF you’re a fully funded program) to play with but there isn’t a minimum requirement.

At the DIII there is ZERO athletic money. So you need academics.

At the NAIA level there is 11.7-12 scholarships available again IF fully funded.

Now compare that to football and basketball where every player has a 100% FULL scholarship… Not exactly fair but those two sports are you’re money makers that usually in all honesty pay for the Baseball program.

Also I personally feel you know exactly where you stand with a Coach when they make you an offer in Baseball if they give you the minimum then you pretty much know you are at the bottom of the depth chart and you have your cut out for you.

Also remember scholarships aren’t good for 4 years, they can be increased or decreased or even taken away based on performance, work ethic, ACADEMICS etc.

The bottom line is unless you are a stud (even then it’s hard) the majority of a scholarship IS NOT going to be coming from athlete money.

Well honestly I am a B+ student but I failed Chemistry and Calculus. However when it comes to schooling I am extremely serious with it this is the first year I have ever failed a class never the less 2, I am being looked at right now by 2 D1 a few D2 and have been emailed and mailed by D3 colleges. I may not be the best ball player in my state but I give my full effort through injury and pain and have the biggest heart when it comes to baseball.

Be smart if you’re hurt take time to get healthy, no point in going out when you’re hurt and risking the chance of getting worse.

Also you don’t have to be the best player in your state, town or team to get interest. You just have to have that “something” that attracts the attention of a Recruiter or Scout.

That is true! But this is the first time in over a decade that our high school team has a positive record and we have a shot at a state title so I think I should risk it since I am the ace

Look at it this way:

Would you rather be off for a little bit of time now or risk it get hurt and potentially be off for 6-18 months or worse out of Baseball before you even start depending on the injury?

That’s great you guys have a shot at State.

The fact that you’re the ace or not is notwithstanding, your arm, health and career is more important.

So when are we gonna see some clips of your mech’s?

[quote=“Wales Diesel”]
Look at it this way:

Would you rather be off for a little bit of time now or risk it get hurt and potentially be off for 6-18 months or worse out of Baseball before you even start depending on the injury?

That’s great you guys have a shot at State.

The fact that you’re the ace or not is notwithstanding, your arm, health and career is more important.

So when are we gonna see some clips of your mech’s?[/quote]

Diesel makes a great point and brings up a story from my high school days. When I was in 7th grade (on JV squad) our school’s varsity finally had a winning record (school has had baseball since it opened in 1937 and never had a winning record) and were heading to the state playoffs. The staff ace was topping out at 90 and was gong full-ride to Manhattan College (ended up playing 4 years and didn’t pitch well with a career ERA of 4.43), he pitched one game the week before and was dominant and was expected to start the next game. I went to the game excited to see this guy light up the radar gun. At the start of the game we see our’s school #2 starter go out to the mound and this guy on the bench, after the game I asked him why he didn’t pitch. He said his arm was hurting and although he wanted to pitch, the coach sat him because he’d rather have his long-term career in mind then a shot a winning states. To be honest would you rather be remembered for winning states or a college world series? I tried to pitch through pain once my junior year and ended up tearing my labrum and missing almost my entire senior year.

Also, get some video up, we all love to see guys throw mid-upper 80’s[/quote]

Well instead of seeing this I made the mistake of giving everything I had last night. What our coahc says is our ace went out and gave up 10 runs in 3 innings and I came in in the fourth and pitched into extra innings until the 10th. I fought long and hard with 8 strikeouts and gave up 4 hits. I came in with the score 10-4 us losing and we rallied back. Please explain this play. Bottom of the 7th inning and I came up with runners on 2nd and 3rd. I tried laying down a suicide squeeze with a pitch far outside I stuck the bat out with one hand and missed and the catcher drilled me in the back knocking me down while I was still in the box, then the cathcer trips over me and the runner from 3rd jumps over the catcher and tags homeplate. remember this is to win the game. Now the umpire calls me out for interference and sends the runner back to 3rd and we wind up striking out and ending the inning. I went on to give every last ounce of strength I had and in the top of the 10th an error was made by our third basemen then I struck a guy out then a basehit up the middle put runners on second and third. The next guy comes up and hits a bomb hitting the bottom of the fence at about 355 and he gets a triple bringing the 2 runs in. So alll in all we lost 12-10 and my arm is draggin and ankle is in pain, but it was one of the best games I have played in my life.


Sometimes thats all you can do. You cant help errors. Put your team in a position to win. It went extra innings, thats all you can do.
Last year my son threw (in succession) a 4 hitter (2 earned runs, complete game), a 3 hitter (1 earned, complete game) and a 9 innings 2 hitter where he gave up 0 earned runs vs. one of the top rated schools in the state. His reward? A 0-1 record. In the game vs. the top rated school there were college and pro scouts there looking at the other teams pitcher (who went 7 innings and gave up 0 runs also). Now, because my son was throwing 77 ish at that point there wasnt a second look or hello from any scout. The other teams coach told him after the game it was one of the best pitched high school games he had ever seen. Is that fair? who cares, its the wayit is. The rewards you find have to be within yourself.

Thank you Fearsomefour I really appreciate that I didn’t really get too much credit though. That’s not what I was looking for

Tough game Beav, keep your head up and get back at it.

It was one of the best games I have ever played in and the funny part was all our team was bullshittin before the game because they were only 7-11 and we were 13-4 so everyone thought we would mush them but I never take any team lightly even if there winless because it only takes one spark to set a dry pile of tinder on fire

“Thank you Fearsomefour I really appreciate that I didn’t really get too much credit though. That’s not what I was looking for”

Exactly, I didnt think you were, which is the right attitude. As for the guys on your team taking another team lightly, it amazes how often this undoes a good young team. The pitcher doesnt have quite that luxury however. One team with 7 wins and one team with 13 wins in high school ball (were errors ect play such a big role) is not a huge difference. But, keep your chin up, sounded like a great game.

It was definitely a top ten for my years played!