Places for college-age to play other than school?

Long story short, I was recruited to play (given an invited walk-on spot) at my school, but for various reasons, not the least of which being I couldn’t do all that I needed to do for my major and play at the same time, I chose not to play. I’ve kept myself in shape and kept throwing, and this summer I played on a team in the Florida Collegiate Summer League and did well. I was wondering if there was anywhere I could play besides at school, any leagues or anything anyone knows of?

I want to play, and I want to play past college, but it’s impossible for me to do everything I need to do for my major and play ball. Any way I could further my career somehow would be great. Thanks for the help guys.

Try joining a local town team around your area. They are usually good talented leagues of college players and graduated players. You’ll also have the old guys that think they still can cut it and some of them can but its a good league you see good pitching and decent talent almost every place I know of has them so look around!

If you’re interested in playing semi-pro ball in Canada. I know of some excellent leagues.

There are mens fast pitch leagues I know of around, but that might not be much help since you are looking for more competitive stuff. I think your best bet might be to tryout for a semi-pro team around your area.