Pizza in the dugout

In one of our summer league games this summer i was sitting in the dugout during the second game of the night (it was like a jv game but in summer league) i played the first game and our coach wanted us to stay for the 2nd one. I kept jokin around buggin him to let me play and he wouldnt let me so i had my parents go and get my a small pizza because i hadnt eaten dinner yet. I sat in the dugout and ate, kept the book, and talkin to my coach. Then in the last inning a little bit after i got done with my pizza our pitcher had loaded the bases and my coach said “Reese your pitchin” and i said “ok” and went and struck out the side. So now im thinkin i should eat pizza in the dugout more often.

Haha nice dude.

Mmmm…yummy. I wonder what kind of pizza it was—plain, extra cheese, pepperoni, mushroom…And that reminds me: years ago, when Whitey Ford was pitching for the Yankees. He knew that when he was starting he would go the distance and the bullpen wouldn’t be needed, so before the game he would set up a table, take an empty chianti bottle and put a lighted candle in there, and order huge hero sandwiches for all the relief pitchers. He figured that since they would not have to pitch that night they might as well be comfortable. :slight_smile:

It was a supreme pizza.