Hey just a quick question. I have troubles throwing strikes in my practice sessions with my Dad and can’t control my emotions, but I can pitch ok/just fine during my warmups in a game whether they be on the bullpen mound or the game mound. Why is that do you think?


Your thinking to much, trust me. I’m the same way. Put some ear buds in. It’ll help


How do you do in games?



I had the same problem as you when I was pitching. I was thinking to much about other pitches, throwing it right into the mitt, and throwing it as fast as I can. I learned that it doesn’t come that easy, and you have to practice A LOT. Take time to calm down before you pitch, and if you feel like your getting worked up again, take deep breaths.



Develop a quick process.
As others have said breathing is key…when we get uptight it is a natural response to either hold our breath or to breath shallowly (is that a word?).
A deep breath and finding a focus point for your mind. That could be the target or something inside your minds eye. That deep breath needs to be the “reset” button. If you threw the best breaking ball of your life to strike out the best hitter in your league or a ball got hit over the fence, reset, move on to the next pitch with confidence.
I recommend practicing this mentally. Before you go to sleep. Close your eyes, no music or anything else, picture yourself on the mound throwing to your dad or in a game situation. Visualize 5 great pitches for strikes.
Breath deeply, in your mind start your motion, as you are going through your pitch through ball release you should exhale slowly. Feel the ball leave your fingers…really try to focus your mind. If you find your mind wanders don’t get mad at yourself, just refocus and start over. This is great practice for teaching your mind to focus and not wander.


Thank you so much everyone!


I do alright. Not too good, but not terribly either.


Sorry these replies are so late, I forgot about these and forgot my password.


Yes it is a word lol.


I like fearsomefour’s advice here. Stop and take a deep breath.

You’re stating that you struggle in practice sessions with your dad, what is different about those sessions? Finding out what is different that is causing those emotions and control problems may help. Is it on a different mound? Is it the environment? Is it the subconscious anxiety of disappointing your father? It could be a number of things, if you really want to find the cause, look at all of those differences.

More importantly, the deep breath is a good idea, relax, and don’t try to over-correct. Just throw like you’re taking your warm up tosses before an inning, as you stated you do well there.


It’s gotten way better since I made that post, but still not 100%.


My command has been way better since then. Thank you all for the help I will use it next time I need it.


i have the same exact thing when i practice with my dad so i’ve just stopped pitching to him and i just throw and bat with him now and the only times i pitch is with my friend which is a catcher and in training or games