Pitching workouts during football season

So I just finished my summer baseball season, in which we made it all the way to the junior legion state championship game only to lose. This past spring as a freshman I was the number one starter on the JV level but I didn’t pitch much this summer because I was one of the youngest on the team and we were full of studs(like I said 2nd in the state). So becoming a starter on that team and making my high school varsity team are my number one goals right now.

Although baseball is my #1 sport, I also do play football and our double session practices start this Monday. My question is, should I keep lifting and long tossing for baseball during football season, or take a few months off and come back after football ends? I want to keep training for baseball but I don’t want to risk over working and hurting myself, so if I were to train during football season, what kindve things should I be doing? What would be my sort of weekly routine?

Also, I’ve been looking into the tuff cuff program, and if anyone has any thoughts on wether it’s worth the money your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

I hate to discourage playing football, but if baseball is what you prefer, there are just too many ways to screw up your hand, arm, and shoulder playing football. If any single play or pitch could be your last, would you rather go out playing baseball or football? I took my share of hits playing hockey and eventually I made the choice that my baseball was worth more than any enjoyment I got from hockey. I didn’t want hockey to keep me from or limit my baseball potential.


Focus on the football season right now. Playing multiple sports and giving yourself some time off from baseball will actually do you some good. Your throwing arm needs some rest anyway, and you’ll get plenty of strength work with your football training sessions. Football workouts may not be ideal for translating to the baseball field, but we are a long way off from the 2014 baseball season and if you were not playing football, your main goal right now would be to focus on your strength & conditioning anyway.

Give this a read if you want some perspective on playing multiple sports - http://www.fullwindup.com/2013/04/to-play-or-not-to-play-multiple-sports/

Hope that helps!

Good luck!