Pitching workout

Hey guys whats up.

Just curious if someone could give me a pitching workout plan for 1 month.

Up here in canada, the season is almost done for the league i just joined. I joined late, because of some issues. Anywas there is only 1 month left, so ya i need a workout program that could get me into pitching shape.

Right now fastball is at 82mph, but i can’t throw too many pitches cause my arm gets sore, etc.

So for example: maybe tuesday and thursday bullpen ssession, and like monday and friday mechanic work. I also workout so if you can get me a workout or two each week that be awesome.

so ya can someone make me a program for only a month thx

If you are in season right now…nothing but maintenance work…for now you are better off just throwing your way into condition by building your appearances and work in between…you start earnestly working and you’ll just sap your strength and squander your rest…bad combination.

2 total body days are a good place to start.

Start with the ones shown here and make SLIGHT modifications if you need to lower the volume a little bit or replace box squat with trap bar deads, for example

I agree with JD though, the throwing should take precedence. Two days a week is plenty to maintain strength.