Pitching workout

hey just wanted to get some feedback on the workout i’m doing right now, personally i think its really well made up, my pitching coach made it, and the results have really shown themselves in my velocity and hitting power.


squat jump continuous 3x4, each rep is 3 jumps
Medicine ball chest pass- 3x8
MB side throws- 3x8
Dumbell snatch- 3x6

Back squats- 3x8
oblique crunch- 3x10
chin ups- 3xmax

stability ball push ups
SB roll outs
inverted rows

split squats foot on bench and other foot on platform
face pulls
reverse curls

Wednesday- all reps are 3 by 8 or 10 usually

lateral box jump
MB squat chest pass
MB standing punch toss
DB push press

Barbell lateral lunge step outs
straight leg sit ups
sb bench press one armed

BB one arm shoulder press
Hip lift/glute bridge shoulders and feet on bench
romanian deadlift 1 arm 1 leg

anti rotation press to overhead press with cable
forearm work
scap work


linear box jump
MB standing overhead thorow
MB standing side throws
BB squat jumps

Step ups to balance position pitching
MB slams
chin ups

push ups with resistance band
SB hamstring curls
DB plank rows

Hex bar deadlifts
plate squeeze
shoulder conditioning

little longwinded sorry. what do you think?

Your program, without a doubt, is the best off-season training program anyone has posted in this forum. I fell in love at “DB Snatch” and it only got better from there.

“anti rotation press to overhead press with cable”

There might be 9 coaches nationwide that have their pitchers do this. Do you do the regular standing Pallof Press? Or is that what this is with a lateral overhead press?

I could go on forever. But I won’t. Tell your coach that he has put together an unbelievably good program for pitchers.

Thanks KyleB, we’ve been in the weight room since the beginning of december so we’re in phase 3 of our training. the standing paloff press we actually did in our previous phase, the one we do now is on the knees pushing out in front, then bringing it up overhead. i thought he was on the right track with this, i’ll tell him of the compliments, he’s bent over backwards for his players with his constant study of pitching. unfortunately only 3 players do this workout, the rest feel some of the exercises are silly and decide to do their own thing.

On what days are you throwing with this workout?

Nice progression. Standing pallof press to kneeling to kneeling with overhead static holds. They’re tough, aren’t they? :slight_smile:

Is he a HS pitching coach? Or just a private coach you’re working with?

Sad that only 3 guys are doing it. It’s an excellent program and certainly in the top 1% of workouts designed for high school baseball players.

EDIT: Can you put me in touch with him if he has email? I’d love to talk to him about his training programs and maybe interview him for my site. kyle@drivelinebaseball.com

i’ve been throwing tuesday thursday and saturday for extended time, and just catch to stay loose on monday wednesday friday. sunday is a day that seems to change. and indeed they are very difficult, tough to maintain breathing when your ready to scream :slight_smile: he’s the HS pitching coach here in little old vermont. he does it free of charge or anything, even supplying extra bands, and he’s purchased me quite a few things over the last few years. just a great guy

Nice. Sounds like a heck of a coach.

If you remember to, can you put me in touch with him? I’d love to pick his brain and trade some ideas.

Kyleb-Really sorry to get back to you so late, i didn’t get back to you quickly and then completely forgot about this post. I can give him your email but i can’t promise you he’ll get in touch. i hope he does, but he does so much already that asking him to do anything i always feel a bit guilty :slight_smile: i see him on monday as we’re back in the weight room now, and i’ll give him your information if it’s still the same.

It is. Thanks.