Pitching workout

This is my current workout. I live where theirs alot of snow. So i am trying to gain mph during the season. My arm like never hurts so ya.

I throw about 79-80mph. I am only a sophomore. And the season just started and i usually gain mph during the season like last year i did.
I am going to continue this yearly around though as well.

Post any comments or suggestions that i could include to make me gain mph and stay healthy. My control is also very good.
My pitches:
Spike curve- extreme drop

Monday- Leg strengthening, sprints, 2-4mile run, yoga

Tuesday- Core strengthening, sprints, long toss, bullpen 30-50pitches

Wednesday- upper body workout, rotator cuff exercises, yoga

Thursday- Leg strengthening, sprints, long toss, bullpen 30-50pitches

Friday- core strengthening, sprints, small bullpen 15-30pitches, yoga

Saturday- Weekend playing

Sunday- Weekend playing