Pitching workout

Hey guys hows it going. I am a 16 year old baseball pitcher i turn 17 in june. I have been playing baseball since i was 5 years old. I have been training really intense for baseball for the past 2 years and want to make it to the college level and maybe the major league level.

I currently throw 78-80mph.(i am a sophmore in high school) We have a 100 dollar radar gun and i really think that i throw way harder than that. Just for the simple reason that sometimes on the gun it says i am throwing 86mph.

Here is my baseball workout for the inseason. Can you guys comment and make suggestions and tips on my workout plan. please and thank you.

Monday- 3-4mile run, sprints, ab workout, leg strengthening, back workout

Tuesday- long toss, sprints, ab workout, (bullpen 30-50 pitches)

Wednesday- 3-4mile run, ab workout, shoulder strenghtening

Thursday- long toss, sprints, ab workout( bullpen 30-50 pitches)

Friday- rotator cuff strengthening, pitching mechanics,(light bull pen 15-20 pitches)

Saturday- Start(100 pitches)
Sunday- Continue our tournmanet play.

I would cut down the long distance running to once a week and work on sprints the other conditioning days. I would also add a long toss program to it. Helps recovery and arm strength

ya okay i understand about the long distance running. But i have 2 days for long toss.

I told my friend who is in a baseball academy(who has professional baseball coaches) and i told him i wanted to do long toss every day and he told me not to do it on consective days. So ya.

That is pretty good. Remember that the goal for in season training is to keep what you build in the off season. As long as your program is doing that, you should be alright