Pitching Workout Program

Hello I am looking for a pitching workout program that i can use in the off-season which is comming up in the next month. Here is my criteria:

Age: 15
Height: 6’3
Weight: 180
Level: JV, AAA

If there is anything else that i need to sumit please ask me. Also limited workout area at my school and would like running to part of my program.


Give specifics on what you have to use. Have you seen the megathread at the top of the page yet?

No sorry i cant find the mega thread all I found was the golden thread is it the same?
Off the top of my head here is what is offered at are schools gym
Dumbell 2lb-80lb
Lat Pull Down
Bench Press
Calf Raises
Incline BP
Leg machines
Balls and Ropes
400m track

There is much more but i just cant name them all. Its basically one of every basic machine. If there is any more info that is needing to be filled out please ask me.



Its the first topic in this forum.

I’m guessing you have a lot of freeweights then. Thats enough machines aren’t even neccessary anyways you can do most general exercises with freeweights.