Pitching workout plan

Hello everyone ive read articles, asked around and gotten some advice on how to workout for pitching. I have consulted one of my good friends RIstar on this subject and he has helped me a great deal and he has some great advice for those who need it. My workout right now consists of band and gym work (at school). My Band work includes:

[b]2X15 external rotation at 0 degrees abduction
2x15 internal rotation at 0 degrees abduction
2x15 external rotation at 90 degrees abduction
2x15 internal rotation at 90 degrees abduction

Usually my gym workout at school consists of the following: (not every day these exercises are split up within 3 days a week and 2 days a week because of a-day and b-days)

Glute Ham
Triceps (machine 2x15)
Bicep Curls (2x10)
Box Squat (3x3) and sometimes (10x8x6)
Parrallel squat (3x3) and sometimes (10x8x6)
Wrist rollers/Bar rollers (weight on end of pvc pipe 5lb roll up and roll down) also (hold bar behind your back at 45lb and raise with wrists as much as you can do it burns/
abs and core (150 crunches with or without med ball, sometimes figure 8’s with med ball with a partner, vertical jump with med ball, med ball pushups, supermans, pushup position hold, many more just depends on the day)
cleans (4x2x2)
lunges (2x15 with bar on shoulder 45lb)
there are more just these are all i can think of it also includes bench press but i deffinitely do not do bench

Also i just wanted to know if working out like this in a gym is ok for me i am 15 years old and i just wanted to get everyones opinion on working out like this for pitching thx alot.

you forgot the most important thing…

RUNNING… all thats fine… but if u dont run … yea you’ll develop some power but ur gona crap out by the 4th inning… you must build up your stamina and stay flexable.

yes i do run as well in that class and on my own so u think ill gain MPH by doing this workout?

yeah throw in some jobes exersices in there as well to get your rotator cuff in shape … i tried everythihng myself till i got the tuff cuff book … one month into it my fastball is exploding through the zone… batters cant even sniff mistake pitches i leave over the plate… seriously invest in tuff cuff… it really lays everything out for you …

on top of your workout make sure you stretch pleanty … stay flexable

3 up and 3 down how much MPH have you gained and what phase are you in right now?

im in week 6 phase 1 still … i cant put it all on the book yet because in my college i have a good pitching coach also helping with mechanics … and also changed a little on my throwing … but last year i maxed out at 85 … this year in scrimmages i maxed out at 90 … 88 - 89 consistanly on the fastball.

i gained about 10lbs from the beginning of last season. but i do have to give some credit to the book in the beginning phases. due to the core workouts, and cardio, and with the section on eating.

im in my last year of a d3 school and brooklyn college (d1) has a few people looking at me so i hope to have a great season.

no one is hitting me anymore. i pitched in 4 scrimages against 6 schools and so far my lines are:
20innings pitched
2 hits
4 walks
0 runs
0 earned runs.

i also feel the ball just explode out of my hand upon release.

so… bottom line… TuffCuff and a pitching coach… your good =)

im happy for you about your success but there is no way tuffcuff works that kind of wonders. It has to be your mechanics and personally i dont fell it matters what kind of workout you do because you are getting stronger and more fit to pitch. I am planning on getting tuffcuff but doing squats and working your tricep and biceps and doing med ball and abs and wrist rollers will help you but like i said there is no way you jump 5mph from working out for a short period of time it had to be the pitching coach

yeah theres no doubt about it that it was my pitching coach… but every workout your talking about is all in the book… the book doest teach mechanics but it does lay everything out for u day by day on how to work out a pitchers way with the workouts all the way to after workout stretches and pre-game stretches… basically everything to keep yourself in great condition

what kind of things does your pitching coach teach you like yes i know mechanics but what kind of mechanics any tips for me?

well basically he worked on 2 things with me… first was my hip… im now leaning more with my pointing hip then b4… also helps me to stay behind the ball. the 2nd thing was something he noticed… i sometimes stop my arm in motion prior to release… nothing major just sometimes that little arm jerk can decrease speed.

off mechanics… he works on muscle memory alot… no throwing… each step of my thowing done over and over… example… the step back i do over and over just to keep in mind not to shift my weight… next part would be the foot turn on the rubber and high leg kick up with the hip leading over and over until it comes natural …

which division 1 colleges are looking at you?

st. johns… well a few ppl are coming down… nothing major… but hopefully some1 will talk

ya i wouldnt mind getting into a big east school at all especially uconn they were one game away from makin it to the regionals of the CWS congrats man keep workin hard i hope i can be where u are one day